Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I am the wearer of many hats: journalist, author, screenwriter, crazy dog lady, runner, hoarder of vintage frocks, cheeseaholic, Anne of Green Gables tragic, 1920s obsessive. (I am also a wearer of actual hats. People should wear hats more, don’t you think?)

Mostly I write words. Here’s some more details about that…

Journalist me

I’m a multi award-winning freelance journalist with nearly 20 years’ experience on newspapers and magazines in several countries.

The former editor of a national women’s magazine and also a magazine for dog lovers (see above re: crazy dog lady), I now write for leading Australian and international titles including Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, Women’s Fitness, Nature & Health, Dogs Life, WellBeing and many more.

I specialise in writing about health, lifestyle and wellbeing. I’m also an experienced sub-editor and copywriter and have edited numerous one-off consumer publications. I’ve taught journalism, too.

You can commission me to write things for you. Whatever your writing or editing requirements, I can help!

Author me

I announced my intention to be a writer to my family at the ripe old age of seven, largely because of my dual obsessions with Anne of Green Gables and Murder, She Wrote.

In my early twenties I did what so many young Aussies do and moved to London for a year – but accidentally stayed for five. Many of my experiences in the UK, including working as an entertainment reporter for several London newspapers and becoming (a somewhat inept) godmother to a close friend’s baby daughter, helped to inspire my first novel, Be My Baby.

London also provided me with a dashing English husband, and together we moved to Sydney, where we now live with our two incorrigible (but seriously cute) dogs. My continuing Anne of Green Gables fixation is matched only by my dog obsession, which is why you will always find at least one four-legged friend in my books.

Contact me

Drop me a line at laura@lauragreaves.com. I’d love to hear from you!

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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