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101 Things in 1001 Days

Have you made any resolutions for 2024? I have so much awesome stuff planned! In recent years I’ve made lists of goals that correspond to the year – 22 goals for 2022, 23 for 2023 etc. I was all set to do that again this year when a friend introduced me to the concept of 101 Things in 1001 Days.

As the name suggests, you come up with a list of 101 things you’d like to do/try/change/experience and you aim to complete those things within 1001 days, which is roughly 2.75 years. The idea is that by giving yourself a longer timeframe you can dig deeper and get more creative with your goals, and work towards long-term achievements rather than ‘quick wins’. I LOVE making lists, so a project like this is right up my street!

You can see my list below if you’re interested (I have redacted a couple of things for privacy!) I've organised my list into categories because that's easier for me. I've also left room in each category to add new goals as the 1001 days progress. I started on January 1 so my finish date is September 28, 2026, but the beauty of it is that you can start at any time. Please do reach out to me or tag me on Instagram if you decide to create your own list – I LOVE seeing what goals people set for themselves!

Health & Fitness


1.     Achieve my weight-loss goal

2.     Do 30 days of yoga/Pilates

3.     Run a 10k

4.     Start strength training/weight lifting

5.     Complete 50 parkruns

6.     REDACTED!

7.     Do one (1) pull-up

8.     Start a running group 

9.     Donate blood

10.  Run/walk 1000km in total

11.  Run 2km a day for 30 days

12.  Try dryland dog sledding and/or canicross

13.  Do 100 days alcohol free

14.  ??




15.  Find/make a path to the bottom of our property (we live on a large bush block that apparently has a creek at the bottom, but we've never been able to get it!)

16.  Plant a veggie garden

17.  Get another Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (I miss my guys so much)


19.  Have a garage sale

20.  Spruce up the laundry

21.  Do something with the dead space under the stairs

22.  Declutter my books

23.  Always have flowers in the house (bought or from the garden)

24.  Declutter the kids’ clothes and toys

25.  Buy another piece of original art

26.  ??




27.  Start a podcast

28.  Enter an art competition


30.  Set up an Etsy store for my vintage clothes

31.  Write a play

32.  See the Gauguin exhibition in Canberra (June 2024)

33.  Read 5 classic novels by women authors

34.  Re-read Anne of Green Gables + finish the rest of the series (My all-time favourite book and a large part of the reason I'm a writer!)

35.  Finish at least three of the dozens of unfinished online courses I’ve started (Yes, I have a problem)

36.  Write 10 new poems

37.  Do the 100 Day Project

38.  Learn to sing and/or play the drums




39.  Write another novel

40.  Finish my PhD creative work

41.  Finish my Pilates teaching certification

42.  Finish my canine massage certification



45.  Frame my book covers + hang in office

46.  Have a book launch event (Can you believe I've published 11 books and never had a book launch?!)

47.  Send my author newsletter at least twice a month (Sign up HERE!)

48.  ??


Life Admin (Boring but necessary!)


49.  Make a Will

50.  Buy nothing new for six months

51.  Pay off credit card

52.  Save $5000

53.  Write my Churchill Fellowship report

54.  Find out my blood type

55.  Pay myself $25 for every goal I complete

56.  Make monthly contributions to superannuation

57.  ??


Just For Fun


58.  Ride a jet ski

59.  Drive a Mustang

60.  Learn to shuffle dance

61.  Cuddle a dingo

62.  Make homemade dog treats

63.  Do my vintage circus puzzle


65.  Go whale watching

66.  Go parasailing

67.  Do a stand-up comedy class

68.  Have a ‘just because’ party

69.  See Cirque du Soleil

70.  Bake an apple pie

71.  Get 5 more tattoos


73.  Send 5 ‘just because’ parcels to friends

74.  Take swing dance classes with hubby

75.  Actually use my pottery wheel

76.  Make jam 

77.  Take a Mexican cooking class

78.  Learn to knit

79.  Meet a wolf




80.  Have a spa day

81.  Set up a creativity altar

82.  Have one screen-free day per month

83.  Have a date night every month

84.  Learn to read tarot 

85.  Do an oracle card pull once a month

86.  Swim in the ocean

87.  Swim in a secret Blue Mountains swimming hole




88.  Churchill Fellowship trip 2024

89.  Go camping

90.  Go to Italy and Spain

91.  Go to the UK

92.  Go to a F1 race in another country

93.  Drive the Great Ocean Road

94.  Go to the Flinders Ranges

95.  Go on a trip with my best friend, Karlie

96.  Visit Palm Springs

97.  Take the kids to the snow

98.  Plan an amazing 20th wedding anniversary trip for 2027

99.  Visit my amazing friend Michele in Boston

100. Visit Uluru

101. ??






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